Sheets/Tab Bar Missing After Google Docs Update (no sheets besides Quick Insights)

Hope it’s just me, but I’ve been gone a few days; new format Google Chrome Docs, etc. has rolled out with modest appearance changes.

But after opening my main Tiller Sheet (Foundation Template based), and Launching Feed, the only “page” | sheet I have is the Tiller Quick Insights first tab (which looks like it has current data). No other tabs (Categories, Transactions, Accounts … nada) Ideas anyone?

Hmm i havent had this issue, I’m using google docs for work and personal reasons quite a bit so the changes ive seen but nothing that seems like data loss. Im thinking if the insights is still showing data that maybe the sheets got somehow hidden?

If you look in the bottom left hand corner, the three bars, you usually click this and see all of the sheets? Are they there by chance?

If that doesn’t work, then maybe an edit history revert may be in order to back when the sheets were there?

@bentryre1 Thank you, all I see is the following in bottom left corner


I actually hit Add (but it simply did add 1000 more rows) in an effort to regain my normal Tiller, but to no avail.

I just found this new change to the interface (in the top right corner, to my recollection, a new “row”))

I didn’t think I ever changed anything in the past (I was thinking of adding a TOC, but didn’t mean to make any such changes). It is persistent across all my Google Sheets apparently not just my Tiller ones.

Is this a new formatting change with the new rollout of the Google Docs interface, or have I done something inadvertently? Sure wish to get back to all my “tab” at the bottom.

Just a little bit further down actually. The three lines, beside the plus sign before my insights sheet.


I don’t have that entire “row” you have anymore!

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hmm, that must be new and rolling out to people at different times possibly as mine does not have that yet.

Mine actually has both of those options, but the top left corner is the first time I’ve seen it there. I wonder if it may be an option to toggle the bottom rows off or on now?

Well hope someone has some ideas on toggling or restoring to normalcy. Again, I have the new rollout version of Google Docs and Sheets with the fancy new rounded icons etc…


That is bizarre, @Larry. I’m also not seeing that in my Sheets so I’m afraid I don’t have any ideas.

Is anyone else not seeing the sheets/tab bar in Google Sheets after the recent UX updates?

I’m on Windows 10 still, but my Chrome browser is up to date.

I believe the following error has really to do with the shortcuts … but in case this is meaningful to anyone.

I’ll try other browsers.

Well, using Microsoft Edge (grrrr) browser, the tabs are there! :pray: :smile: :hugs:

So will look at reinstalling Chrome Google etc. things.

What is missing is called the Google Sheets “sheets bar”.

This link rounds up many explanations. It turns out that the first Recommended Answer Below (zooming or window placement) fixed my problem so I can now use Tiller in my Chrome browser, but this may be of possible help to others in the future.

Thanks all. I regret the bandwidth I used exploring this. If an editor wishes to chop and channel this topic, I am fine with that.



Restoring Tabs at Bottom of Google Sheets - Troubleshooting

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I am wondering if you actually had Sheets installed as a Progressive Web. I wonder if that is the reason it freaked out a bit.

Google Ends Support for Chrome Apps in June 2022 | PCMag

@Richl; sadly, nothing exotic and think I just had a zooming/window placement issue; discovered by using another browser! Thanks for responding and your idea, though.

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