not loading with ad blocker

it appears you guys are using google analytics to track us somewhat, and ad blockers are stopping from loading needed information.

You guys call upon google analytics 4 times in that page, but the one breaking the page is: -google-analytics/ 0.5.0/angulartics-ga.min.js

Is there a fix for this without whitelisting google tracking and allowing third party javascript to run on a page that shows my account information?

When blocking that specific connection, this is all that shows, nothing more:

Thanks Jeff - the team rolled out a fix for that on our end this morning, no need to whitelist Google Analytics in the browser or ad blocker. That page should display correctly now, either way.


Thanks, had been an issue since Friday, and the normal support route didn’t provide any information. It is in fact working as expected now.

Thanks, @J_E_F_F - we weren’t totally sure what the issue was or the fix until yesterday, the support team escalated your issue, and it just took a few days to figure it out and get it fixed.