Short Term Cash Flow template - project an account balance over future months, reconcile checks

@sskennel The new sheet is designed to pull the balance as of the last transaction date, rather than the latest balance, because it seems that transaction data generally lags balance data. Let me know if this isn’t the case for your accounts. The trade off is between using the latest balance but having to fiddle more with manual reconciliation vs using a slightly older balance but having the automatic reconciliation work better. I can include a toggle to choose between the approaches.

@rhowell - Thanks for the explanation. Yes, transaction data does lag balance data in my spreadsheet. The problem is that I often have transactions in my account that aren’t listed in Scheduled Transactions. The spreadsheet “knows” that my future balances are different from what the Scheduled Transactions sheet is showing me, even if it doesn’t yet know about the transactions that are causing the discrepancy. I’d like to see those transactions reflected in my future balances as early as possible. I’m not sure what the best tradeoff is here.

@sskennel Try changing the value in hidden cell DZ1 to 0 to get the latest balances.

I updated Scheduled Transactions to version 0.91:

  • added filters for the transactions table and
  • adjusted the logic that returns the balance dates and amounts.

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@rhowell When I tried to copy the account name from cell BH1 in version 0.9 to cell BJ1 in version 0.92 I get:

“The data you entered in cell BJ1 violates the data validation rules set on this cell.”

UPDATE: I needed to choose an account from the dropdown menu in cell A2 before I could enter an account name in cell BJ1.

@rhowell Columns J and BX (Credit Card Closing Date) shouldn’t be hidden. The user needs to fill in data in J and copy data from BX.

They’re not hidden; they’re grouped under the plus sign above the credit card payment column. But you make a good point that they should probably be expanded by default.

Edited to add: I’ve expanded all the grouped columns in my shared sheet.

I should have said collapsed rather than hidden.