Showing paycheque stopping in Cash Flow Forecast

@jono has a pretty great Cash Flow Forecast sheet. I’m trying to figure out how to show retirement by adding a paycheque stopping at retirement (say 2045). I add a Life Event from 2045-2070 for a $0 paycheque, but then it won’t show ANY paycheque income before that from now until 2045 at all. Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks @organized_money.

Is the paycheck part of your existing budget? Do you see that amount as part of your current Income in D11?

If it is, you can add a Life Event matching the Budget Category in 2045 to 2045 for a $0 amount, and that should stop that cash flow.

If it is not part of your existing budget, add a Life Event with the paycheck amount starting in 2021 and going until 2045. You might include a Change per year percent amount.

I built this sheet a while ago and don’t fully remember all the details on a quick glance, but I think this advice should work. If it doesn’t, can you share a little more info about how you are setting it up?