Simple account balance including uncleared transactions?

I’m trying to move from Quicken but can’t find a way to get the most basic info: what is my account balance including written but uncleared checks? I have entered my manual transactions using Labs and even verified that they can reconcile with automatically fed transactions…thumbs up. But why does my Net Worth tab not reflect those uncleared checks and reflect what unspent cash is, not what is in the bank?

@treasgunnchoir. You can reference the article below.

When updating non-feeds/manual accounts with new transactions, a Update balance in Balance History checkbox will display. When checked, this option will add not only the new manual transaction, but also a balance entry to Balance History that updates the last balance by the incoming manual transaction’s amount.

Hi @treasgunnchoir,

The only dashboard that we have that reflects a balance that includes transactions flagged for reconcile is the Simple Business dashboard.

The only accounts you can update the balances for via the Manual Transaction add feature (per @warren’s recommendation) are manual accounts (which you won’t need to flag for reconcile).

The net worth sheets don’t offer a way to see the “Tiller Balance”

You could search for or add a feature request for this.