Simple Business Dashboard - Four Assets Listed As Liabilities

Four assets (401k and Roth) are listed in Liabilities?? How do I edit or remove theses asset accounts from Liabilities?

Have you tried overriding the class in the Accounts sheet (which may be hidden)?
Sometimes accounts are pulled in with the wrong type by our data aggregator, Yodlee. That is why we built the class-override functionality into the Accounts sheet.

Thanks Randy,

I checked the Accounts sheet. It was hidden and I opened it up. There was not any data in this particular sheet. I assume this is where you’d insert a class-over ride.

I did try deleting the four assets….it worked. I had to keep deleting the entries until they were gone. Not sure this was the official way to do it.

These 4 assets are associated with a Yodlee data download issue I am having with the parent account. The Team knows about this issue.

So that must be where they came and landed in the Liability column???

Thanks Randy!

I wasn’t expecting that you’d need to delete any entries, just that you would add new rows to the empty Accounts sheet to account for them properly. There are instructions on the support website here.

Glad you found a solution, @hall.thomas.e.