Simple Business Dashboard issue


My Simple Business Dashboard only shows Bank balances but not Tiller balances for each account. Restoring the Dashboard has not helped. Note that there is a difference between columns allocated to the two vertical sections in your Comprehensive Guide and My Simple Business Dashboard:

                                              Comprehensive Guide               My Sheet

Tiller Money Columns A to J Columns A to H
Simple Business Dashboard Columns K to V Columns I to T

It seems that the Dashboard part is covering up 2 columns where Tiller balances would be shown.

Anil Parikh


Please see below.



Account Balances

Current account balances are displayed list in the sidebar’s bottom-left corner. This data is pulled from the Accounts and Transactions sheets. This section is the only section without its own dropdown period selector.


Two balances are shown for each account— Tiller and Bank.

Bank Balance

The Bank balance is the last available balance for the account from the Accounts sheet.

Tiller Balance

The Tiller balance is calculated based on the latest balance history entry for the account and also any uncleared/manual transactions you may have manually entered that are waiting to be reconciled. If your spreadsheet does not include any unreconciled manual transactions, the Tiller balance is not shown.


Let me clarify. Please look at the snapshot I included. I do see balances but only from my Bank. Tiller balances are missing. I tried to widen the column containing Bank balances but that does not show Tiller as it is in adjacent column I. As I see it, Income and Expense pie charts should begin at column K (same as in your Business Dashboard write-up), so that Tiller balances show up under Balances in column I and J. In my sheet these pie charts start in column I so Tiller Balances are covered up.


@anilparikh1 @randy

Please see the discussion thread at the end of the link below.

Sorry, but I should have elaborated in my prior post. I understood your initial post. The new dashboard was designed to show the Tiller balance column only when it differs from the Bank balance column. You do not have any differences so it does not show. If you add an uncleared/unreconciled manual transaction, then the Tiller column will appear since there will be a difference. Short of this, the only way you will get that Tiller column to show is to reprogram/redesign the dashboard yourself.

Does this answer your concerns?




Thanks for clarifying. May I then suggest that Tiller article on this subject is revised to reflect this. The illustration in the article shows Tiller balances as well.


I can see the cause for confusion, @anilparikh1.

The forum-documentation says: “If your spreadsheet does not include any unreconciled manual transactions, the Tiller balance is not shown.” … but perhaps this is too buried.

I wrote the dashboard to hide the Tiller balance if there wasn’t a difference because I thought the Tiller balance would be confusing to (the majority of?) users who don’t use manual balances.

There is a formula in E20 that looks like this: =if(countif($AV$3:$AV,"<>0"),ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(row($AO3:$AO103)-Row($AO$3), {$AP$3:$AP, $AW$3:$AW}, 2, FALSE), iferror(1/0))),iferror(1/0))

If you want to make the Tiller column always present, just remove the initial IF statement. (Though I think there may be a bug— identified in another thread—in this formula that I need to fix this week… so you may have to make this change again soon.)

Good luck,

Thanks Randy. I like to see both balances. So I will wait till you have fixed the bug before removing IF statement.

The great thing about Tiller is that you can always restore the default sheet anytime if one does not like the changes made.


I’m glad to hear you appreciate our version-management and restore tools, @anilparikh1. :smiley:

I just updated the formula in the business-template master. Please use the Manage Solutions pane in the Tiller Labs add-on to update your sheets to version 2.02.

Also, based on your feedback, I added a hidden configuration control to always show Tiller balances (without changing formulas). If you’d like to change this setting, unhide all the hidden columns on the right side of the sheet and change cell BB24 to TRUE. (You will need to reimplement this setting-change whenever you restore or upgrade this sheet.)

Hope this helps.

@randy ,

Great idea. However, I might suggest adding that control out in the main viewing area, possibly at cell A17 and then explaining what is does in your written documentation. I suspect more people than you think might want to see both columns even if they are usually always identical.



Thanks for the feedback, @blake. My guess is that many users won’t use the manual transactions workflows. My concern is that, for most users, the “Tiller balance” will be a point of confusion.

If we get feedback (in this community) that the (sometimes) hidden column is confusing, I agree that we should make the setting more visible.



In the old version of the dashboard, how many customers complained about being confused by seeing both columns when that was the default presentation? Any? This impacts old users who were used to seeing both but now only seeing one. New users never saw the old version. This is a frame of reference issue.