SoFi Vaults and Tiller

Just throwing this out there for anyone who uses SoFi and their savings “vaults”. I have different savings goals (non-monthly bills like auto insurance, emergency funds, future car purchase) that I use the vaults feature for and find it really helpful. But SoFi doesn’t include these in the download of transactions. They aren’t considered separate accounts so I can understand why. Does anyone have a workflow for using vaults with Tiller and their savings goals?

:wave: @got2liv4him! Sorry for the delay here. Have you checked out the Savings Budget & the Savings and Debt sheets from the Tiller Community Solutions add-on?

No problem, it’s kind of a niche thing for sofi bank. I use the Savings & Debt sheet and it would make sense. The issue is not a Tiller issue, but that SoFi doesn’t send the balances or transactions on the “Vaults” along with the main account balance and transactions. Ideally, they would and they would come up as individual accounts. As it stands now I have them set up as manual accounts and I have to update them manually. Not a huge deal, just trying to see if anyone else out there used SoFi and their Vaults.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Hey there. First post. Long-time Mint user converted to Tiller. Found this issue, as I found the same one. As opposed to what @got2liv4him said, this is a Tiller issue. In Mint, my vaults get pulled over. @heather, you may have misunderstood the issue here, as you pointed out a concept or sheet. With Sofi, your Money account balance includes the full amount. This is your Spending balance, plus any money that you have shifted to one or more Vaults. The vaults do not come over to Tiller. For example, if I have 10k in my Money Account and have shifted 6k to an “Emergency Fund” vault, that leaves me with 4k in the Spending side. With Tiller, only 4k shows gets synched. Any solution?

Hi @heath.jackson, Mint uses Intuit as their data aggregator (which happens to own Mint), we use Yodlee as our data aggregation partner (who does not own us). Yodlee does not pull over the vaults as separate accounts at this time.

It’s only a minor inconvenience to me as the vaults only get updated 1 or 2 times a month.

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Another feature from Tiller I’d really appreciate.