Some Tiller Terminology (Glossary)

I agree I know very little about the technology that makes all this stuff work but I would like to learn more about it.

I have read much over the last few days and often encounter the following words and phrases:

screen scraping
api - application programming interface
direct data feeds
feeds add-on
tiller labs add-on
google sheets
foundations template
tiller add-on
feedbot sheets created before 08-26-19

I also read this article which makes some sense to me.

However, I am still having problems completely understanding it all.

I am sure an explanation that pulls all this together (as it all applies to Tiller) in layman’s terms would be beneficial to the whole community.



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Hi @Blake,

There’s a lot to digest here! But great question. I’ll do my best:

screen scraping - a mechanism by which information is pulled from a web page, a common approach to pulling financial data
api - application programming interface
direct data feeds - not actually sure where this is referenced.
feedbot - the first mechanism we used to add data to Google Sheets from our database.
feeds add-on - the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, the 2nd and default mechanism we now use to add data to Google Sheets from our database.
tiller labs add-on - an add-on that hosts and manages templates and solutions allowing you to easily drop in a solution or template and give it a try or update a sheet if a newer version of the template is available.
aggregators - a 3rd party that aggregates data from your bank account. Almost all financial apps and tools use an aggregator.
yodlee - the aggregator that we use to access and pull your bank data. The trusted industry leader in bank data aggregation.
bots - this is way to broad to define here :slight_smile:
google sheets - a cloud based spreadsheet tool built by Google
foundations template - Tiller’s flagship Google Sheets budgeting/financial tracking template
tiller add-on - another add-on that hosts AutoCat, Tiller Budget (for envelope/zero sum budgeting, Business workflows (that are also useful for personal workflows like manual transaction and statement reconciliation) as well as other useful reports and tools.
feedbot sheets created before 08-26-19 - We switched to using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on as the default feed mechanism on 8/26/19 so all sheets created before that date were fed (and owned) by the Tiller Feedbot whereas sheets created after that date are owned by the Google user creating the sheet and fed by the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:


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