Sort categories sheet by column

Hello, new to Tiller and I am trying to set it up in a way I find more intuitive. One thing I immediately broke was the ‘Categories’ sheet when I sorted the sheet by the group column. I don’t have an overwhelming number of categories but the organizational side of my likes them grouped in some manner rather than organic. When I sorted that sheet, any categories that moved (most of them) disappeared from the category drop down on the transactions sheet. I tried refreshing the page, refreshing the accounts and the only way I could get them to re-appear is to delete the missing and recreate with a new row at the bottom.

Is there any way to keep the categories sheet organized a bit better. Or, do I just need to learn to live with it? Thanks for any guidance you can provide,

Sort should work fine on that sheet, perhaps you weren’t clicked in a good place or something. I usually click somewhere in the column I want to sort by, then go to DATA and choose Sort. You can either undo or use Version History to go back to when it was working. I use numbers at the beginning of my group names, and then sort by group. Many others also use numbers at the beginning of their category names as a way of making things sort the way they’d like.

Oddly, now I can’t recreate the issue. I tried sorting as you recommended @jpfieber and the categories all appear normally on the transaction sheet drop down. I must have made another change that I forgot about resulting in not seeing all the categories. Thank you for the prompt response!

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I think the key is just making sure the Column Headers stay in the first row. everything else should work fine it they are. I sort and filter rows with no issues.

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Sorting the categories sheet should be okay, just make sure you turn on the filter for the entire sheet so you’re sorting the entire sheet.

If the categories then disappeared from the Category menu on the Transactions sheet my guess is that the data validation rule got mixed up after the sort.

The key is not inserting rows above row 2 on the Categories sheet, including dragging rows above that row. For whatever reason it will break the data validation rule (Google’s issue).

You can always fix the validation rule using the steps in the guide below.

I personally like to sort my Categories sheet by the Group column too.