Sorting Transactions by Date... Getting an Error

I have a lot of saved filter views for my transactions tab, but I notice that in those views, it doesn’t always get the date sorted correctly. There might be 6/4/21 at the top and then a random 6/7/21 a few rows.

So I tried to save a new filter view where I simply sorted all transactions by date, but for some reason the “Group” Column gets messed up when I do this filter and doesn’t display group and shows an error message. The group column also messes up when I sort the amount column.

This is the error that shows in the Group Column:

Error Did you mean I$1:I? In a sorted filter view, range references must refer to the same row, or be absolute ($ before row numbers).

Also FWIW, I have changed the order of the columns in the transactions tab… not sure if thats a problem (hope not!). Here is a screen shot for formula and column headers.

I haven’t made use of the Filter Views feature, so I don’t know much about that. The error you get in the Group column, I often have that happen on arrayformulas when data gets into one of the cells in the column, so the arrayformula can’t fill the way it wants to. Not sure how a filter view could move data into that column, but something to check for. Sorts that get wonky usually for me have been related to an empty row or column in the table, so the sort isn’t sure the extents of the table, and ends up only sorting part of it. Don’t know if either of these examples apply, but probably worth checking out.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll look into that.

Based on the error message you’re seeing I’d guess it has something to do with the Filter View you’re using. I’ve never seen this before and haven’t experimented with filtered views much. Let us know how it goes.

So I think @jpfieber was onto something. The thing with filter views is that you have to update the range of the filter after you fill sheets. Once I updated the range to include all the new transactions then the problem went away in most cases.

However, it also seems like if I I am looking at a filter view, say “show all items that are blank category”, and then try to sort by date or by amount then I get the error again. I’m thinking that it might not be possible to do a sort on a preset filter. I think you might have to just do a filter each time. First sort the date / amount, then filter out whatever you need.

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