Specific accounts for daily emails

Is there a way to specify which topics come in the daily transaction email? Specifically, i want to see my frequently used accounts, but not my investment accounts (especially now :-)). I want all accounts listed so net worth shows correctly, just want to modify the daily email. Secondary question. Will the daily email be able to show MTD and YTD reports so I can see how I am doing versus budget?

Welcome, @teamschneller :wave:

There isn’t a way to customize which accounts appear in the daily email summary at this time, but I’d recommend voting for this feature request: https://community.tillerhq.com/t/select-which-accounts-appear-in-tiller-daily-update-email/2728

Right now the daily email is only a summary of daily new transactions and balances and will reflect the latest data we have in our database since the last time you received the email. If an account doesn’t refresh, there won’t be new transactions and the balances will show the last available balance. We don’t have MTD or YTD or other analysis available via the daily email, but feel free to add those ideas as feature requests.

There are some community solutions available for Month over Month and YTD analysis though.