🏆 Spending and Income Dashboards for Mint Trends Lovers

Just an FYI, if you put a Merchant Name field in your Tiller sheet, the Yodlee merchant name will populate for new records. This field isn’t there by default, so it won’t work out of the box. I do think that Tiller should include this field since it’s more descriptive than the description field.

Wow, I just tried this and it worked. Any other fields that you know of like this?

@jpfieber check here

Edit: That link isn’t working as expected. But if you to the developer site you can drill down and see all the transaction data fields.

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I use “Category Hint” which gives what Yodlee thinks is the correct cat. I haven’t gone through the link to see if any others flow through from Yodlee to Tiller.

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Sorry to hijack this message thread but I just need to know if this dashboard works with Excel spreadsheets instead of Google sheets? We were using it with our Google Sheets but they have disappeared so we’re trying Excel instead.

Thanks for your help.

Nope sorry, just Google Sheets.

Really impressed with the dashboard, but very new to tiller and far from an expert with building solutions or making modifications outside of the already offered tools and templates.

Two questions:

  1. I imported my Mint history (years worth of data); should I expect that my Net Worth over Time is lost? I can only go as far back as the day I joined Mint/connected my accounts on this chart so I’m assuming that the chart pulls some different than the transaction data I uploaded from Mint.

  2. Again, related to the Net Worth Over Time chart; is there any way to filter on what specific asset/liability you want to show in the chart graphic? I used to love that feature from Mint, and wondering if there is an easy way to replicate that hear.


Net Worth is driven by the balance history tab. You can import that from mint as well if you want, but it’s a separate export/import process.

And yes, if you expand the filters on the right side of the Net Worth sheet you can select what accounts you want to be visible – or use account groups or my custom account properties extension to show and hide different groups.

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