Split transaction not in tools menu?

I’m probably doing something wrong, but today for the first time I’m not seeing the Split transaction item in the Extensions → Tiller Money Fields menu, nor do I see the tools submenu that it used to be in.

Where’d it go? What’d I do?

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It’s on the main screen now.

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As @yossiea pointed out, it’s on the main menu now at:
Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Launch

But be warned that there’s an issue currently where you cannot select any categories that are hidden on your Categories sheet. The same goes for the new Add Manual Transaction feature there as well. If you need to select a hidden category, the current work-around for now is to leave it blank or choose one you can see, then fill it in/correct it once it hits the Transactions sheet.


@pdidit as @yossiea and @1Email2RuleThemAll have pointed out this feature is now on the add-on home screen

For the most part the bugs mentioned by @1Email2RuleThemAll have been addressed with recent updates. However an issue does linger with the Split Transaction tool where hidden categories do not appear in the dropdown. We advise that you temporarily unhide your category and then refresh your list of categories while you’re in the Split Transaction tool.

You should then be able to hide the category and it should remain visible in your Split Transaction tool dropdown so long as you don’t refresh it.

Hope that helps for now while we work to resolve the matter altogether.