Splitting bank deposits

I cannot figure out how to split a deposit as follows: I took a $100 check to the bank, deposited $50 and got back $50 as cash. Bank ledger then shows $50 deposit, which imports to my transactions as a $50 deposit. How can I track that there was both a $50 deposit and $50 cash back from that $100 check?

If I were doing it I’d have a $50 transaction for the bank account, and another $50 transaction to a Cash account. You could put the same check number on both transactions, and if you have a ‘Notes’ column you could add an explanation there as well. Alternately, you could change the bank transaction to say $100, then do a $50 transfer from your bank account to your Cash account. The balances would add up the same, but the transactions wouldn’t match your bank statement.

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I completely agree with @jpfieber

If you want a little more reading on cash tracking, you could check out this post:

Great. Thank you for the prompt reply.