Spreadsheet corruption - import transactions from old spreadsheet

I have some corruption in my Excel spreadsheet. Excel tells me is has ‘fixed’ some things when I save. When I open the spreadsheet and start Tiller, Tiller hangs.

I have tried reverting to a copy from a few days ago, but now ‘fill available data’ runs for ever.

I am thinking I need to create a new spreadsheet from the template - unless someone has a bright idea how to fix the current one.

If I go with the new template approach, how can I ensure I do not loose any transactions? Can I import old transactions into the new template?

Thanks for the help

I created my new spreadsheet and found it had all the transactions back to when I started - April 2022. How long does Tiller keep data? Or is this what the financial institutions have?

I was able to transfer over my Categories and Autocat settings but it only uses a few of them. I did run Autocat on the release categories before I realised I didn’t have my revised categories. It would be nice if I can get Autocat to run on everything again.

HI @MikeB - all the data we’ve pulled since you connected your accounts to Tiller will remain in our database in it’s original form (i.e. we don’t sync your transaction edits back to the database right now)

As for your AutoCat rules, you can set AutoCat to run on “All” via the Settings section in the add-in and it will run against ALL transactions instead of just uncategorized.

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