Starting Over in 2021 with No Data Carried Forward

I would like to start 2021 fresh with no history. How do I do that?

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Yea, lots of us would like to completely forget about 2020! The cleanest way would be to go to and create a completely new spreadsheet. You could copy/paste things like Categories and AutoCat data from your old spreadsheet as needed.


Welcome, @hankmack.

Like @jpfieber said, just create a new spreadsheet. Keep in mind that your Tiller Money account has history starting about 90 days prior to your sign up. When you start a new spreadsheet, all the transaction & balance history will be pulled to that point. So, if you want to have a 2021-only spreadsheet, you may want to manually delete rows from the Balance History and Transactions sheets in 2020 (and prior :wink:).

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Thanks for the link.
Yes 2020 is year to forget
Worst in all my 86 years…


Sorry to hear, @hankmack. Wasn’t an easy one for most all of us.
Draw a line under it and let’s hope for the best in 2021.

I do this every year for simplicity! Tiller Labs has a great migration tool that will migrate categories and Autocat rules.


I’m happy to hear the migration tool is part of your workflow, @RachelB. Not everyone knows about it.