Stash Invest connected, but not tracking

I have a Stash Invest account that successfully linked to Money Feeds, but it is not tracking in my Foundation Template. Is there something I am missing?
I have regular weekly transfers to this account so including them in at least some form is a necessity. Hoping there is an automated form as is the whole reason for using Tiller.
Any help is much appreciated.

:wave: , @Chad_George !

Double check that you’ve linked the account to the sheet.

If that doesn’t help reach out to our support team via the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at

The account is linked to the sheet. The link isn’t pulling in any info.

I do recall some other customers have issues with Stash accounts that were non-investment accounts. If these are bank (checking, savings) accounts we are unlikely to be able to pull the data for them, if they’re investment (stocks) accounts you should reach out to our team via chat for more help.