Statement Details help

I’ve been working with Tiller for a few weeks now, am finally understanding more of what I’m looking at and think it can work to replace Quicken.
My question right now is about the statement details sheet. I’ve reconciled the account, a credit card, and everything matches. However when I click over to the statement details sheet no transactions show up neither in statement transactions or unreconciled transactions.

It has worked all day (once I got the hang of it) on other accounts, and I can’t figure out why this last statement is having a problem.

Is there anything you can point me to that could answer the question??


What is the Account Type of the failing account as shown in your Balance History?

Hi @randy, the account is a liability - credit card- store.

I have other accounts set up the same way that work but for some reason this one won’t.

Just a shot in the dark here, but are there any details about that specific account missing in the Transactions sheet like the account number being blank or something like that? There must be something unique about that account that’s causing the issue, especially if you can select another account from the dropdown and it works.

I’d recommend reviewing/comparing what might be different about that one account vs others that are working.

Hey everyone, thanks for the ideas and advice. unfortunately nothing seems to have worked for this one account. All the details seem to be there on the transaction page, This account is a store credit card issued by Synchrony Bank. I have another account tied through the same Synchrony account and it is working fine. But this one just will not show up on the statement details either for the statement period or the unreconciled accounts.

Should I try and remove the account from tiller and re-add it later? Think that would fix it? How long should I wait before I add it back in? I tried removing it and went back in after just a few minutes and it didn’t work so I’m thinking I didn’t wait long enough.

Oh, one strange thing I noticed, on the accounts tab the unique identifier (column F) and account name, (column J) in the hidden columns, do not match the account chosen in column A. This is on most of the accounts and they all work fine.

@kiml I don’t recommend removing/re-adding anything.

Since you’re having some weird behavior with your Accounts sheet that could but the issue here.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at and ask them to pass it to me from our conversation in the Community and we can troubleshoot the Accounts sheet issue since that’s part of the Foundation Template and hopefully that will also address the statement details issue.