Statements issue - not calculating anything?

Hi! My statements add-on doesn’t seem to be working correctly - I can see that the hidden columns I and J aren’t calculating anything and are staying at $0. Here’s the formula in
I2 : ={“Tiller Deposits”;ARRAYFORMULA(if(isblank($A3:$A),iferror(1/0),iferror(SUMIF({indirect($V$15)&(indirect($V$18)>0)},$A3:$A&“TRUE”,indirect($V$18)),0)))}.
J2: ={“Tiller Withdrawals”;ARRAYFORMULA(if(isblank($A3:$A),iferror(1/0),iferror(-SUMIF({indirect($V$15)&(indirect($V$18)<0)},$A3:$A&“TRUE”,indirect($V$18)),0)))}

Any ideas what the problem is and why it’s not calculating?? Or what other formula I should look at?

@kirsti.rehler, maybe a silly question, but have you tried restoring Statements to see if that corrects the issue? Be sure to archive the existing one as part of that restore process when prompted via the Labs add-on so you don’t lose your entries.

Have you tagged any transactions in your Transactions sheet with the statement names, @kirsti.rehler? There should be a new column in your Transactions sheet with a dropdown for this purpose.

Not a silly question - I definitely did NOT do that! haha that seemed to do the trick, so thanks so much!! No idea why it wasn’t working but that was a fairly quick fix. I’ll remember that for the future. :grinning:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did do that - it’s acting like I haven’t though. I restored the statements add-on per Heather’s comment and that did the trick. So not sure why, but oh well. As a side note, it would be awesome if I didn’t have to tag the transactions with the statement name and it just auto-calculated based on the account number. AND/OR if the statements tab told you if there were any “unmarked” transactions for a certain time range for each account number (since those would be unreconciled transactions that are just errors or duplicates, etc…unless of course it’s for the newest period or an old, unreconciled period)…tangent lol just a thought since I was thinking about statements.

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