Statements issue - statement name duplicating due to length of bank name being more than 10 characters

The automatic naming function for the statement name column in the Statements template concatenates the Statement Date you enter and the first 10 characters of the account name chosen. So, if you have more than one account at, say, “Capital One” (which is 10 characters removing the space character), without shortening the actual account name itself in the Tiller console (which is definitely not a preferred solution just to get the name on the Statements template working), statements for the same date period end up having the same name on the Statements template. One workaround would be to use a different date for each account but, again, certainly not the preferred solution.

Where on the template can one change the automatic naming function? I presume there’s a LEFT() function somewhere. My preference would be for the function to simply take the entire account name. Not sure why that would be problematic but I need at minimum the first 15 characters to make it work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for calling this out @davidmark. I think it could be a quick thing to customize in his Statements sheet @randy or @jonorlin ?

Check out cell A3 in the Statements template, @davidmark. There are some LEFT() and RIGHT() formulas that should look familiar and are easy to edit.

Just be sure to do a find & replace on any existing statements you’ve logged in the Transactions sheet if you change the format.

Good luck,

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Worked perfectly. Thanks for your help!