Statements issue

I’m using the Excel Foundation Template. It works great.
I have two years of transactions and now I want to use the Bank Statement function.
I decided to reconcile my current Amazon Statement.
Neither result makes sense to me.
Please Advise

There is a Statement column in my Transactions. How is this updated?
How do I mark transactions as cleared the bank?

The statement process is two steps, you did the first step which is putting in the statement information (from the statement from your bank) Now you need to assign a transaction to the statement. You then need to go to the transactions tab and go to the statement column and for all transactions in the statement period, select the correct statement.
Then go back to the statement tab and the Tiller Transactions should be all green, if the numbers all match up.

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That is the missing piece. Thanks for your prompt response.
I really like the fact I don’t have to reconcile from the first transaction as each statement stands alone.