Stock purchase and sales all showing as credit to account- Interactive Brokers

I have a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers. All stock purchases or sales when downloaded to Tiller from this account show as purchases or negative to the account. Below is an example with the screenshot from the brokerage statement and then the transaction screen from Tiller showing all negative. Any ideas why this would download that way?

Not 100% sure of the why it would download this way, but you’ve got a couple of options for dealing with it if you want it to be positive.

  1. I believe you could use autocat to change the polarity of the transactions.

  2. Reach out to support via the tiller console and have them check if a data quality correction could be made.

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The thing with an Autocat is that I can’t see any way to differentiate buys and sells. They all look the same. I guess I will contact support. I was hoping there was a setting or something I missed as a newbie.

Similarly, in my IBKR connection, all options trades come as negative, regardless of direction of the trade. I made a habit to correct them by hand.