Strange message when Refreshing PayPal

After doing a Refresh on our PalPal account, it seemed everything was going fine. Then, at ht end after connecting and downloading, there this message popped up. However, the recent new transactions did down load into the Transactions tab. Hmmmm.

PayPal has been in the institution alert list for weeks, since Jan 9. ETA for fix is currently. 2/29, I suspect you bumped into some ongoing attempt to fix it.
Lucky you to actually get some PayPal transactions loaded, For me it just fails with a “technical error” message.

UGH!!! This really can’t be tolerated. I’m sure you are doing all you can to beat them into submission.

i’m assuming you’re being half sarcastic, but yeah if you see the the outage list, Institution Alerts - Google Sheets there’s a lot it’s just goes to show that each bank can have a very different back end and tiller is doing what they can with Yodlee, the data aggregator and provider, to get everything running smoothly.
This has occurred for me for ~1 month with a bank before, but unless you’re very time pressed for the data, it does save time to have it auto pull in the long run