Strange PayPal Behavior

Ok. This is a strange one: has anybody had random PayPal transactions showing up on their sheets? I had about a dozen transactions show up this morning on my sheet that are not mine. I immediately suspected fraud, but when I go into my actual PayPal account, there are no transactions there. Moreover, some of the transactions are credits to the account, which would seem to be strange for fraudulent behavior. And there are no transactions related to this on any of the payment sources that I have connected to PayPal. Any ideas?

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That is weird. I don’t have PayPal connected to Tiller, but I do see PayPal in the Institution Alerts.

It is very strange. My PayPal account is showing a positive balance through Tiller. In reality, I keep my PayPal balance at $0.00, and to be clear, that’s what my balance actually is if I log into PayPal. Fwiw, all of the transactions that have been added seem to be the same person–a few identical descriptions, including something that seems to be a direct deposit payment. Almost like Yodlee somehow fed scraped transaction and balance data from the wrong account into my account.

Just for others seeing this, we’re investigating this issue and have escalated it to our data provider as an urgent priority. If you are experiencing this issue, please write to our support team using the chat tool at Thanks.

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