Student Loan Accounts Not Showing Total Balance


My student loan account balances are not showing the unpaid interest (just the principal), so the debt balances are off because of this. How can I get Tiller to bring over the unpaid interest amounts?

Thanks for your help.


Plain and simple…those amounts do not and will not come through.


Your feeds are limited to the fields provided by Yodlee, our data aggregator, and, as @Blake notes, they are not so granular as to provide components like unpaid interest. That said, the debt/account balance should be correct.

Can you clarify: are you seeing a different end account balance in your spreadsheet than on the account page with the lender, @brian53199?

Thank you. Let me clarify with an example @randy. One of my wife’s student loans has $5000 in principal remaining, and $500 of unpaid interest, so a total of 5500. The amount showing in our Tiller sheet is 5000. If she needs to just manually update the balances every month, she will do that – I just wanted to ensure there wasn’t a better way. Thanks.

That is interesting. It almost sounds like a data aggregator issue— that the aggregator is pulling the wrong field from the institution’s site.

Can you provide the name of the institution? Perhaps @heather is familiar with this issue…

I use Mohela. The debt comes over fine. I add the accrued interest as a manual account. Blake

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Thanks @blake- that’s our backup plan I guess. @randy these are through fedloan servicing (