Subaccount limit?

Hi everyone,

Is there a limit to the amount of subaccounts you can have? For example, I have a Chase account and Tiller has always automatically grabbed a new subaccount when it’s been added (e.g., when I got a new Chase credit card). But it didn’t do it this time when I added a new subaccount. I have nine Chase subaccounts–is there a 9 subaccount limit for Chase or in general? I tried searching but couldn’t find anything. Just wondering if I need to add this account manually or if there’s something else that could be wrong.

There is no limit on linked accounts in terms of the Console and what data is captured.

Some of the Foundation Template sheets are designed to handle up to 100 accounts. So be aware that if you cross the 100 account threshold linked into a spreadsheet, all of the transaction and balance data will be captured, but you may not see it all rendered properly in your analysis sheets (like the Monthly Budget).

If you are still unable to get the new account pulled in within an existing institution, @rexparte, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at