Suggestions for Tracking Buying/Selling items (Side Hobby or Business)

I am looking for a template that I could use for my hobby/side hustle. I’m buying baseball cards and reselling them. I’ve created a simple GoogleSheets for this, but wondering if there is anything created that I can use for this, a little more robust wiht access to more charts and graphs, etc.

@bsrabian are you looking to track the inflows and outflows associated with the buy/sell of the cards or more just organizing what cards you have, the price you want for them (inventory tracking)?

Great question. I kind of have both of those functions in my googlesheets. But I would love the ability of inventory tracking and cash flow, especially by month. is there something i can adapt to that is already set up?

You can connect Tiller Money’s bank data feeds to any Google Sheet for the transactions to do the cash flow piece. As for the inventory piece we don’t have anything out of the box for that.

Here is a guide on getting your sheet tuned to work with Tiller Money Feeds

And from there you can use the Tiller Money Labs add-on to add solutions for cash flow. A few of the solutions that have this built in are Yearly Budget and Monthly Analysis sheet.

They do require that you have a Categories sheet with 12 budget months so if your Google Sheet already has a tab named “Categories” you’d want to rename it before trying to install.

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got it. Let me sink my teeth into this and figure out how to combine my google sheet with this…thank you very much.

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