Suggestions on dealing with old categories?

Old Mint/FinanceWorks user since 2011 joining up with Tiller. I just started yesterday, got all my Mint transactions “imported”, categories cleaned up and everything is going fantastic. Actually, better than I thought it was going to be, even with a fair amount of manual cleanup.

But I’m looking for some suggestions here - I did a bit of ‘category’ cleanup since I’m ‘starting fresh’ with Tiller (like combining some categories, renaming others) and have categories going back 12 years that just aren’t applicable today anymore. I would like to continue to use the more ‘simplified’ view I have now with the monthly budget sheet and not have all those old categories for TODAY to be there, so I’d prefer not to just add all those old categories I don’t use anymore. I’m going to try to keep 2023 together as my ‘fresh start’, but I would still like to report on the old categories going back from 2011 to 2022 so I can still have a full picture of my old spending habits from my previous life change. Anyone else run into this dilemma, and how did you solve/approach it? Thank you!


I tend to keep about 2 years worth of transactions in my Transactions sheet, and I transfer the rest to an “Archive” sheet that doesn’t have any formulas or conditional formatting. This way the old transactions that I’m unlikely to look at don’t slow things down, but if for some reason I needed them, I could copy them back to run a report or whatever.

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