Sunsetting the Original Envelope Budget

I’m sorry we are sunsetting a beloved template, @brewer.05. I spent a lot of time building that template and the support scripts and it saddens me too.

There are a number of reasons why we have decided to make this change:

  • The Envelope Budget add-on permissions are broader than our current standard
  • The envelope budget template is not performant with medium to large data sets
  • The envelope budget template was too confusing to most users
  • The envelope budget template requires scripts for basic functionality (like changing the month)
  • The envelope budget user interface depends on onEdit() function calls that run code every time any cell is changed

It sounds like you have looked at the newer Savings Budget. The Savings Budget is a forward-looking, ground-up rebuild based on learnings from the origingal envelope budget concept with the following advantages:

  • Compatibility with Tiller’s Foundation template
  • In-category “rollover”/“envelope” savings workflows
  • Responsive performance
  • Simple to use and get started
  • Activation of savings workflows on a per-category basis
  • In-dashboard workflows to modify budgets and savings values
  • Budget & savings change-history logging
  • Compatibility with the Savings & Debt template to manage longer-term goals

I realize that not all the features in the original envelope budget made it into the Savings Budget. I also realize that personal-finance workflows can be… well… personal.

Sunsetting the envelope budget add-on helps us improve security & performance and also focus efforts on tools that we can maintain and that have had more success with the majority of users.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Savings Budget and haven’t checked out @richl’s Envelope Budget v2.0, it’s worth a look. It is a more faithful execution of an envelope budget system than either of the Tiller Labs templates. He has been responsive to user feedback and has put a ton of time into sanding off the rough edges.