Sunsetting the Original Envelope Budget

I’m glad you liked the Rollover-To concept, @brewer.05. We spent a lot of time on that and I wasn’t sure if that concept was embraced.

I think there are alternative approaches to leverage Rollover To’s with the Savings Budget. Here is something I whipped up that creates an end-of-month workflow to run the rollover-to process.

To use it:

  1. Add a column called “Rollover To” to your Categories sheet.
  2. Copy the “Savings Budget Rollover To” sheet from this spreadsheet into a spreadsheet containing the Savings Budget.
  3. After a month has ended, select that period in the Savings Budget. Flip over to the new “Savings Budget Rollover To” sheet which will show all rollover-to transfers staged for implementation.
  4. In the new sheet, copy the range J12:J into the Savings Budget in I12:I. Be sure to paste as values.
  5. Run the Update Savings Budget workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

The main downsides of this approach versus the Envelope Budget version are:

  • It’s manual… though it should be really quick.
  • If items change in the past, rollovers may need to be iteratively updated… so be careful to run once the past data is stable.

I did this pretty quickly so I’m sure it isn’t perfect. Hopefully it is close enough to get you started though.

Good luck with the migration!