Sync Categories Between Spreadsheets Using IMPORTRANGE()

I attempted to follow the directions but I need help. How can I import my categories from one spread sheet to another. I get stuck at the point where I put this formula.


Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi @jasongoldberg3181978 ,

I can take a shot at helping you out. What directions are you attempting to follow? If you could post the link to the directions that would help me diagnose the issue.

Off hand, I see two problems, @jasongoldberg3181978

First, the first argument in your IMPORTRANGE() should be the spreadsheet’s URL (in quotes). Check the help content.

Second, you have an extra semicolon between the A & L in the second argument.

Hope this helps.

I’d like to ask why you want to use two separate sheets and sync categories between them :slight_smile:

Hope all is well. I was in the tutorial section on your you tube channel. I was attempting to implement this monthly budget sheet. I noticed that it was incomparable. I was trying import my categories to the foundation template so I could use the monthly budget with the categories I made. I’m probably making no sense. I’m a newbie and I’m am just learning. Do y’all have phone or video support ! Any feedback is appreciated.

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Hi @jasongoldberg3181978,

You can just copy & paste the categories from one sheet to another. No need to use this IMPORTRANGE step. It’s overcomplicating what you’re trying to achieve here.

If you’ve already categorized a bunch of data in the original sheet you can either copy & paste it too from the original sheet to the new sheet or you can try the Labs add-on Migration Helper to get that customized data over into the new sheet (the Categories sheet data too for that matter!)

We don’t have phone support, but you can always write to us using the messenger in the lower right corner of the Console at for issues about the Foundation template or bank data feeds.

We also offer a live weekly webinar that you can attend and ask questions live via the Q&A chat tool or watch a recording of a prior session.

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