T Rowe Price Login Issues

Hi, T Rowe Price Retirement hasn’t been working with Tiller in about a month. The error is to re-verify my account log in is correct.

  1. This is the same error for weeks now, so not one day.
  2. I’ve logged into my TRowePrice.com just fine; their site isn’t down and my password is correct.
  3. I deleted the TillerHQ account to see if I could force a new login, but it’s still showing the same error.
  4. I changed my password on TRowePrice to see if this would force trigger a change.
  5. I’ve tried to re-add the account but am getting the same error, with the new password.
  6. I’m not finding anywhere that TRowePrice changed their credentials for a 3rd party (Thawte) to access my data (ie I’d need to authorize this through my account online…that doesn’t exist).
  7. T Rowe Price is an institution that works with Tiller & doesn’t appear on the Institutional Outages doc.
  8. This issue doesn’t appear within the Tiller Forums.

Also, side note: did Ii just screw up my account by removing this bank from the HQ login page? I know my data is still within the Google Doc, but will this create a hiccup of sorts when we reestablish the (new) login?
Thank you!

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Hi @dkushla, I’d recommend writing in to our data feeds support team regarding your specific issue with T Rowe Price. Just send an email to support@tillerhq.com about this issue directly.

I did have a chance to look at your account. Below is the URL that is being used as you attempt to connect to T Rowe Price,

Can you check to see if you can log into your account using that link? If not, that may be part of the issue.

Regarding unlinking your account from your Tiller spreadsheet, once the account is re-established, you may see duplicates that will need to be removed.

Again, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team and they will be able to assist you with further troubleshooting steps.

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I had to delete and re add the account using a new T Rowe Price URL through Yodlee and that fixed the issue for me. I was able to keep the same account name so there was no issue linking older and newer data.

Try that and see what happens.,