Tags Column (s)

I moved from Q and my own Excel sheet to Tiller. I find Money Feeds very useful by saving much time catgegorizing transactions. I am interested in using Tags as a payee column. I am seeing info on adding Tags to, both, the Transactions and Categories sheets. Do I need to add columns to both sheets or just one? Where would I insert columns in either or both?

I am an Excel “Learn as I go” person.

Welcome @oldskeetshooter Bill,

You add the column for Tags to the right of the last column in the Transactions table (tab). You can manually populated the cell and / or use AutoCat rules to populate the cells. If you decide to use AutoCat for Tags you will need to add a column in that Tab too. There are two Excel community solutions that I’m aware of that include Tags as a criteria selection; Transaction Tracker and Tags Report. I use Tags to identify what I have determined to be my recurring Bills.

There is a Google Sheets solution called Using Tags in the Categories Sheet. I don’t believe that has been created yet for Excel.