🏆 Tags Report v2 with Multi-level Tag Support


If you, like me, use tags to label transactions for more precise categorization and deeper search capabilities, then this is for you! With this updated Tag Report template, you can easily determine how much you’ve spent on specific items up to 3 levels deep. For instance, find out exactly how much you spent on souvenirs during a New York trip with tags such as Travel,New York,souvenirs.

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This uses the same dependencies as Tag Report meaning you need to have an existing column in your Transactions sheet labeled Tags

Go ahead and take this link and copy the Tag Report template to your sheet and it should work out of the box.


No real setup needed. Just start tagging!


To utilize this report:

  1. Begin as you would with the standard Tag Report: filter by either All Time or a specific date interval. This will display your list of tags on the left.
  2. Use the first dropdown to choose the primary tag you wish to filter by.

What sets this report apart:

  • You aren’t obligated to use all three tag levels. An adjustable dropdown labeled No. of Tags lets you determine the depth of your search.
  • For the 2nd and 3rd levels, dropdown options only appear based on transactions that match the preceding tag(s). For instance, after selecting the 2nd tag, the 3rd dropdown will display options relevant to further refine your search, based on the tags already chosen.


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow? Sure!


I have some data validation added to this template to show which tags are being used in the search (green) and which are not (red).


Is there any scripts? No! This is all formula based. You can see the formulas on the hidden right side.

wow. this is VERY cool. thank you!


Killer! Have wanted to tag my specific vacation trips for easier reference in the future. Helps minimize the main list of tags to keep things cleaner


This is amazing. Great enhancement! Need to go back and rethink my tagging!

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@mar5 I was wrong on the assumption that only the first tag would show up under the tag list. I was going to re-organize my tagging to follow more of a waterfall strategy to start broad (ie: travel) and then drill down from there (ie: location name, or purpose, etc.)

I don’t suppose it would be possible to code it accordingly? In relation to your example, only “Travel” would show up on the 1st dropdown box. Then whatever one would decide to use as their second tag, only those options would show up for the 2nd dropdown box, etc. etc.

I realize this may be more of a personal preference but figured I would ask in case others are thinking the same thing!

That is a great upgrade! Would be good if it there was a total of the filtered transactions. Thank you!

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Hey @mar5 - any thoughts on my previous comment? Would be great functionality being able to organize tags like this!

Slice and dice! :hocho: :kiwi_fruit:

This is a great tool for power users who want to go super granular with their tracking and analysis, @mar5. Super cool!

The build quality is solid and I like the way you’ve added additional filters like date-range and number of tags. It’s a nice touch how you report on tagged transactions at global and detailed levels.

We are super excited to award our first 2022 Microsoft Excel Builders Challenge spot award, a $200 gift certificate.

:clap: :trophy:

P.S. Sorry I was a little late to see this. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi! This can be easily added! I had thought about this as well. I’ll add it soon!

Just so I understand you mean you’d prefer the list on the left to have a list of tags after the first drop-down has been applied?

Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!

Yeah! Basically following the sequence of tags that you input. So, for example, if I tagged a few transactions with: “Travel,Mexico Trip '23” and a different one with “Travel, San Francisco '22” then the first dropdown in the Tags Report would only let me select “Travel” while the second dropdown would then let me select from the various trips I have tagged. It would be a way to help minimize the long list of tags for the first dropdown while still being able to drill down deeper.

Let me know if that makes sense / is even possible!

Can i easily change the report to reference a different column on my transactions sheet instead of “Tags”? love the functionality, but i think it would helpful if i could do this with my “Who” column which i use to designate between myself and my wife for spending. already using my tags column as more of a sub catgeory setup currently so dont want to alter that but would be useful if i could repurpose this report for my needs. hopefully that makes sense and any help is appreciated. thanks!

Just when I needed this… I was just back from vacation and I wanted to see granular details of my tags for all the expenses through out my trip.

Thanks for sharing this template!!

Great concept and tool! Has this been ported to Excel, or did I miss it? I assume the SPLIT and JOIN can be replaced with Excel’s TEXTSPLIT and TEXTJOIN, but the UNIQUE array has too few variables…
And the table on the right will need some adjustments as well, no?

This is the best! Thank you for sharing this, it’s getting me much closer to my needs!

I am currently using QuickBooks to manage, count them, FOUR different small businesses, each super small, think like 15-20 transactions per year, and each with their own bank account. (rental properties, some investments, a trust). I hate QuickBooks so much, intuit should rot in hell, but that’s besides the point. They’ve discontinued their desktop version and now make you pay a monthly fee for each entity - which has made it cost prohibitive at this point for me. My CPA is telling me a spreadsheet is fine for the type and volume of transactions - but it’s been a nightmare to download csv, format, dedupe, etc. Tiller is proving to be an amazing solution for this, but I’m only a week in. And your multiple tag tool is EXACTLY what I needed, because each tag is an entity/llc, and on occasion, inside an entity, I have some more granular needs.

Okay, with that background, here’s my question. I’d love a report that combines the multiple tag concept with the Live Profit Loss report. The existing tag v2 report shows the tags, which is great - but I’m looking for better grouping (separating out income from expense) like in the Profit Loss report. Does that exist? Is there a way to do that here? I’m tempted to build one but I’m not a Sheets or scripts guru - like you all are, and I can’t see the formulas to attempt it.

Hey @mar5 ! Let me know what your thoughts are about the functionality I outlined above. Think this could be a great way to keep the tag list more condensed when you’re in the tags report tab.