Target Card account set as type OTHER

I started playing around with the Credit Card Settings template, and noticed that my Target Card is showing as Type = OTHER on the Accounts sheet, while my other credit cards show as Type = CREDIT. This causes the Target Card to not be available as a selection on the Credit Card Settings sheet. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out Target is doing something wrong, but I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to fix it?

I attempted just editing the Type column directly, but it looks like this is not meant to be hand-edited, because it triggered a number of errors after I modified it. This seems to be deriving from the Balance History sheet, where I was able to update the latest balance downloaded from Target and get it to show up in the drop-down long enough to select it. On the next update, the latest balance reverted to Type = OTHER, but the card remains configured in Credit Card Settings, and just has an error note on it.

If you open the Accounts sheet, you can override how Tiller uses those accounts. It’s also a good way to group accounts together on the Balance sheet.

That setting is not the one being used to drive the menu on the Credit Card Settings template.



It might be coming from the class section. If you change that from OTHER to CREDIT that might do the trick.

It’s coming from the ‘Type’ column in the Accounts sheet (this triggers errors if manually edited), which is deriving from the Account History sheet. I can alter the latest account history entry and this adds “Target Card” to the menu (temporarily), but the next time the account updates it’s reverted to OTHER again. It seems to be something in how the data is being ingested from Target. My best guess is something on Target’s end, because I’ve been using their credit card site for years and it’s (being polite) not well-designed.

@sfergus1, Is this my Credit Card Settings sheet that you’re referring to?

If you have version 2.1 of the workflow, there is a section in the hidden area (column Y) that will allow you to add additional account types to the list. Just select “Other” in the first green drop-down in column Y, and all accounts that have that type will populate in the list to the right. Once they are in the list in column AA, they will be available for selection in the main drop-down.

Let me know if you have any issues, and I will try to help as best as I can.

@1Email2RuleThemAll Yes, it is, and that took care of the issue. Thanks!

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