TCS extension permissions issue

I just found I can’t add any of @yossiea solutions (Balance History Tracker, Transaction Tracker) via the Tiller Community Solutions extension. It gives me an error:
Screenshot 2022-12-24 125405

I know @randy is away, @heather is anyone else able to fix this?

Until there is a fix, maybe you can just copy what you need from his shared template?

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I found another way around my immediate needs, but more concerned about others that are less familiar with adding solutions that aren’t within the extension. Thanks for posting the link, this might prove useful until the permissions are fixed.

I think I can fix this but not from a boat on the Mekong. Maybe in a day or two. I think the master for @yossiea’s templates needs to have public sharing permissions. It worked in testing because I had personal access.



Looks like @randy changed it to have public access yesterday, so @jpfieber can you try again (even though you already figured out a workaround?) Thanks!

Working now, thanks!