The Savings Budget Questions - Increasing Available

What do I do when I have an unexpected gift ($) that I can use to put toward overage categories? When I take money away it increases the “Available” if there is no budget amount in place. So an account for “Gifts” that is set to $0. I get a gift for $100. I want to use that $100 to put toward “Subscriptions” that is over by $12.99. When I subtract -$12.99 from “Gifts” the amount available increases by $12.99 so the Gift category goes from $100 to $112.99. Shouldn’t it decrease the amount in the Gift category to $87.01?
How would I fix this?

Also, is the best time to use this tool at the end of the month/the day before the first paycheck of the next month?

Welcome @clmk ! :wave:

Are you using the savings adjustment or budget adjustment feature with this? Or how are you “subtracting” ?

Can you clarify what you mean here? Use the Savings Budget or use Tiller?

Apologies. I have FIGURED IT OUT! I was using the “Budget” selection to adjust the savings budget instead of the “Savings” selection to adjust when I had an unaccounted-for source of income.

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