Things I love about Tiller from a Mint user of 20+ years

  1. Ability to budget in future months when I learn of a future, necessary purchase
  2. Based in Excel
  3. Customizable (because of Excel)
  4. Personally, I used to download all of my transactions from Mint into Excel, now I’m already there.
  5. Actual customer service
  6. I really really like that Tiller does not bring in Pending transaction. I had to re-code the same transaction many times in Mint when it moved from Pending to Posted.
  7. I love the out of the box Yearly view tab.
  8. I like this Community better. Ideas are more likely to become a reality.
  9. I can build my own visualizations for my data in Excel.
  10. It will continue to add features in Excel.

Please feel free to add your positive thoughts.


6+ year Mint user here.

Oh my, yes. I am glad that it doesn’t bring in pending transactions. I was so tired of having to classify then reclassify and relabel those transactions. Rather it just be real transactions that are processed and finished.

I also save tremendous time now too as I get the email in the morning about new transactions, so I just import daily then spend really no more time with my budget. Before, every Saturday, I would do my dance with Mint and try to get it to fit into my own spreadsheets, which was prone to errors. Now, the numbers are the numbers, no special fiddling anymore. So much better.

More things to love

  1. I also enjoy the Auto Cat because IT ACTUALLY WORKS!
  2. No stupid email monthly about ‘Wow, you got a large transaction.’ Ya, idiot, it’s my mortgage payment. :rofl:
  3. Not miles upon miles of categories to choose from. Just have a list of what you need only. Massive time save.
  4. Control of the list of categories and what order they come up in. Drove me nuts it came up in whatever order it pleased. While it was always the same order, I would have preferred alphabetical.



Was not a Mint user, but I’ll add that I also appreciate that Tiller isn’t analyzing all my transaction data and selling it off to create an income stream. Completely private!


@bradb3605 will you discuss visuals that you’ve created?

Im not sure if you are using Excel or Google Sheets, but in Sheets, if you go to Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Settings, and turn on Auto Fill, it will update overnight. You dont have to do it manually.

Well, they are nothing special. I have just inserted a couple of tabs that use the Monthly Budget tab as my data source to create a couple of bar and pie charts. Nothing fancy; basic Excel functionality but I can quickly see where I stand with a quick glance, specifically on my variable expenses.

I used mint for over 6 years and just started with Tiller. I love the ability to grab data from various sheets and create my own custom formulas and sheets.

For example Tiller doesn’t know the cost basis of my brokerage accounts or the breakdown between pre-tax and Roth contributions in my 401k but I do and have created formulas that take this into account so I have a true idea of how much I can spend from those accounts after taxes are taken out.


Mint’s terrible mandatory auto categorization drove me mad. How can the algorithms possibly know what I bought on Amazon, or Costco? Sushi-one is mobile phone? Really? I also hated those alerts warning me I went over budget on my mortgage this month.


I’m biased of course, but I love that I own my data with Tiller, all in my own spreadsheets. in some ways my transaction and balance history tells the story of my life more accurately than my photo library!

Love this thread. Welcome, all of you, from Mint!