Tildes in Tags Report

In the older Feed Bots based platform the Tags Report sheet had no trouble with tildes (which I used to keep certain tags at the top of the list). The new Money Feeds one shows $0 totals for any tags that start with a ~. Any easy solution or workaround?

Hi @jonathan.altman
I confirmed that I’m seeing the same behavior when using a tilde ~.

I believe there is something about the tilde character that is causing the matching to fail.

Instead of tilde, I tried a bullet. • (option 8 on the Mac).

This successfully adds tagged transactions to the Amount and Count.

You could likely to a global replace on your Transactions sheet, or perhaps just the Tags column converting ~ to •.

Using the bullet, those tags also floated to the top.

Let us know if that works for you.


Hi @jonathan.altman,
Just FYI, we have an updated version of the Tags Report, V1.01, which now handles tags correctly if they have apostrophes or tildes in them. Go to the Tiller Labs Add-on and update your Tags Report to get the new sheet.