Tiller and android/tablet


I set Tiller to auto import my credit card transactions (capital one) every night. However, it seems my Google sheet will only refresh if I login via my computer. My sheet will not update if I login on my android phone/tablet. Ideally, i would like my gsheet to update via my phone so I can categorize my transactions on my phone.

Any help is much appreciated

PS: I deactivated and reactived my account several times

When using an iPad, we recommend opening your spreadsheet with the browser instead of the gSheets app on your iPad. Here’s more on that from the Tiller Money Community.

Google add-ons (like the Tiller Money Feeds add-on that powers your feeds) are not currently supported in the gSheets app. That’s why using the browser is a good workaround.

However, I’d still recommend completing the setup of your spreadsheet from a computer if possible-- that will definitely be the most streamlined experience.