Tiller Announces Open Banking for Robinhood Accounts

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Today Tiller is thrilled to announce open banking support for Robinhood accounts, with a better customer experience and enhanced privacy and security.

Robinhood is a popular personal investing and financial services app, with a range of savings and individual retirement accounts. One of its most popular features is a debit card that helps you invest as you spend.

While you’ve long been able to connect and track Robinhood accounts with Tiller, the process is now easier with open banking.

Click here to learn more about how to upgrade your Robinhood connection.

About Open Banking

Open banking connections offer faster, more reliable, and more secure bank feeds to Tiller’s automated personal finance spreadsheets.

That’s because with open banking, you never share any account credentials with Tiller. U.S. Bank manages your accounts credentials and protects them with the same level of security used for your financial accounts.

And you remain in control of your financial data, with a transparent view of all your account connections.

More about open banking and Tiller.

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