Tiller Budget (w/ rollovers): Missing the Month of April

For some reason, I’m missing the month of April in my Tiller Budget (w/ rollovers). I started a new budget in January and have every month except for April available in the month drop down on the dashboard. I have transactions for April in my transactions sheet so I don’t know why it doesn’t exist. I even added a dummy transaction to give it a little nudge.

My next idea was to do a Create Budget from the add-on. This new sheet gives me April, May, and June but doesn’t go back to January.

Any ideas?

Complete shot in the dark here, but as a general rule a good place to start troubleshooting the Tiller Budget sheet is by running the Analyze Budget History routine.

Add-ons–>Tiller–>Envelope Budget–>Analyze Budgets History.

Thanks so much for the suggestion. That was one of the first things I tried without success. Whenever something goes haywire, I reach for the Analyze Budgets History routine.

You’ll want to add that period in manually to the Budgets History sheet. When you skip a month without running Analyze Budgets History and it doesn’t show up automatically (the script/trigger failed that does it for you) then you have to retroactively add the period. Steps here:

Thanks, Heather! Your instructions worked perfectly!