Tiller Community Debt Planner?

I’m unsure how I even installed the “Debt Planner” from Tiller Community Solutions. I can’t seem to find any help topics for it or how to really use it properly. Right now my projected payoffs all show > 30 years which mathematically is just impossible. I’m not a “spreadsheet” guy so not really sure what’s broken, why, or where to get help for what’s a good idea but … without this sheet Tiller is kind of useless to me.

Any suggestions on alternatives to Tiller? It’s incredibly onerous …

Here I go answering my own questions again.

I was using the old “Tiller Community Solutions” Debt Planner. The tag was dead here in the community topics.

I randomly had Tiller Money open and chose to “Manage Tiller Solutions”. This bring up the Templates and I could see there is now a “Debt Payoff Planner”. I installed this and it works :slight_smile:

I’m still finding autocat/categorization to require more effort than I’d like, but this is great. So if you’re still on the old sheet and not with “it” like me, this post might help

@shonrs Glad you got that sorted out. We recently migrated that Debt Planner solution to our main products.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re still struggling with AutoCat and categorization. Our dev team might be working on improvements to make AutoCat easier to use in the future.