Tiller Community Recognitions – July 2023

The signs of summer are here. Seattle is getting hot :sun_with_face: and a little bit smoky :fire: . I hope, if you chose to celebrate Independence Day, the weather, company, and food were as spectacular as our celebration on a beach on Bainbridge Island. :desert_island: :firecracker: :fireworks:

Shoutout to our July 2023 superheroes who have extended their streaks:

Two community members are celebrating 3-month-interval anniversaries. @jpfieber and @MarcC, keep an eye out for another $50 gift certificate via the Superhero Rewards program.

Our beta group has been active helping us refine a new-look console, a reimagined Foundation Template dashboard, and a few sought-after workflows— manual accounts and manual transactions— which just went live in the Excel add-in.

Our first-ever Super Hero Roundtable last month was a great success. It was wonderful for our team to connect and hear from @yossiea, @fehegner, @jpfieber, @richl and @susandennis. (We hope the super heroes who couldn’t attend enjoyed the recording.)

Congratulations also to the community’s newest “Champion” members:

Finally, have a peek at June’s community Show & Tell contributions (each of which earned prizes from our Tiller Builder Rewards Program).

See you in the community, everyone.

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How the heck do you get on these lists?

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You just join in and participate! I started because I knew little and wanted to know more and I’ve stayed for the same reason.