Tiller Community Solutions Add-on Permissions/Scopes

I know there was another post that had discussed it but the post and responses were dated about a year ago so I’m hoping there is an update. Is there a way to get access to the community templates or have this add on without the Broad Approval of being able to see, edit, change, and update all my sheets.

I understand that it won’t be used that way, however, since we are a small healthcare clinic we don’t have the option to approve that in order to maintain HIPAA compliancy.

We don’t have an additional Gmail we don’t care about using to only use for this. Creating one would be an inconvenience because all other accounting or clinic information can’t be shared with that account.

Is there a way that we can manually download the templates? I know we can add our own sheets and create our own customizations in the Foundation Sheets, please tell me there is an option of a library where we can just download the templates and incorporate them. It would save me time instead of having to recreate them.

Thank you!

This is a good question, @vvcounseling, and the information and rationale in this post is still accurate.

We are aware that the broad “all spreadsheets” scope is an issue for some users. Our add-on roadmap includes a number of initiatives & changes to narrow the scopes needed to use Tiller’s tools and templates, including some research that is active presently. The truth is that these changes are non-trivial and will take time to roll out.

We are also investigating workflows that would allow for manual template insertion, but that workflow is not available at this time.

One approach you could try is to create a new spreadsheet (doesn’t need to be linked to a Tiller account) in a disposable or non-business Google account, install the needed templates into that spreadsheet, and then manually copy them into the business/restricted spreadsheet. This is essentially the manual-insertion process you are requesting with just and extra step for the in-between account.

Sorry we don’t offer a more seamless solution with restricted permissions at this time.