Tiller data into a calendar

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Question I would like to Intergrate a calendar that I can make/build in Excel and to budget and pay bills into the calendar. So for example I own electric bill on the 15th so when I pay this bill it will say paid on the 15th or let’s say I pay on the 13th it will show that on a calendar. How is this possible?

Basically in short I would like to take the data from tiller and put it instead of just a row of dates to Intergrate that into a calendar. Is this possible and how?

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I don’t know how to do this with Microsoft Excel specifically, but it might work for Excel Online and the online MS calendar in a similar fashion. You can use Zapier to achieve this with a manual workflow where you add bills with their specific dates to a spreadsheet and create a zap that then adds a calendar event to Google Calendar.

I tested it lightly and it works. I’m sure there is other tweaking that could be done to really power this up. You could also use a Google Form to enter each bill once a month. Each time a row is added a new event is sent to gCal.

Here’s how I formatted the event description.

And here is what my very rudimentary sheet with entries looks like.

Disclaimer: We do not have any affiliation with Zapier. They are a separate 3rd party tool and using their service requires that you give their application access to your Google account. This access is not in any way associated with Tiller or our financial feed services. Use at your own risk.


thanks for this information

ok this can work.

but i took a course on how to build a calendar in excel using the number and each cell is a different date. so if i build a calendar how can i take the data and automatically assign it to a specific cell?

thank you

I am not sure how you’d do this in Excel. Perhaps someone will chime in here who is an Excel wiz!

Hey I am coming around back to this. I think I messed up because I ment to say google sheets.

Anyone know how to build a calendar and put all my bills in the days it’s due ?

Thank you

Maybe there is some type of Zapier workflow out there? Have you searched around here in the community since? I think there have been some other discussions about it. Here are a couple.