Tiller Excel Plug-in Login Problem


I don’t know if this is related, but I recently updated to MacOS Big Sur.
I did like I normally do, and opened my excel spreadsheet that contains the Tiller plug-in. I clicked the data ribbon, and clicked “Open Tiller”. It said I needed to login, which is normal because it has been a couple months since I updated. I clicked login, and it said something about google not being able to login using this browser… then went to a blank screen on the Tiller Money window on the right. I can click the info button, it thinks it is re-launching, but still blank. I have exited out of the sheet without saving, restarted, and I just get the blank Tiller window, don’t get the chance to login again. Can you help?

I have now logged out of excel, then back in to excel, then had to reinstall the Tiller add-in, which maybe was a new version because the name changed to “Tiller Money Feeds”. But when it launches, it is still blank, just like before…

Hi @Gebo :wave:-- Thanks for letting us know. Other customers reported the same issue yesterday (blank add-in for Excel) and we believe it’s now fixed.

Will you give it another try today and let us know if it’s still not working as expected? If you haven’t already, be sure to close and re-open your browser to start fresh.

Please reach out to support at support@tillerhq.com to let us know if it’s still unresolved or if you run into any other issues.

Thank you - yes it seems to have come back