Tiller Extension not working with NORD VPN

Not able to use the Tiller Extension (Chrome/Sheets) with NORD VPN installed.

Tried pausing the VPN and disabling the extension with no luck. Problem only resolved with the VPN product fully uninstalled.

Is this a known issue?
Any work around?

I use NORD VPN and I can’t use the both Tiller extensions when the VPN is running or stopped.The Tiller extensions start up, and then return a blank screen. I too had to uninstall the VPN all the way to get Tiller extensions to work.
This is a problem! Maybe Tiller support can shed some light on this?
I’ve found that VPN’s in general are not always transparent when using them. It seems a lot of websites can detect when you are using one, and disallow use. I think this might be because of the anonymous nature of a VPN (which is also it’s best feature!)

Same experience I am having.

Would not mind putting it on Pause while using Tiller, but not being able to have it installed at all is more of a problem.

Hoping that Tiller has a work around.

I ended up uninstalling Nord VPN, and installing the chrome (edge) Nord Vpn extension and the Tiller extensions now work. I don’t mind that only the browser is using the vpn, because that really what the vpn is for in the first place (in my case).

I am able to use Nord VPN successfully (when actively VPN-ing even) on a Mac.

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I’ll do a little more testing and see, because it should work.

Well, I installed Nord VPN again (default settings), and this time, rebooted the computer.
Tiller Money extension works fine.
Sorry for doubting it!