Tiller External API


I’m guessing the answer is: “you probably shouldn’t do that”, but I’m wondering if there is any info on the external Tiller API (sheets.tillerhq .com/api/v1/). I’m building an application on top of Tiller/GSheets (mostly as a learning exercise), and I’m hoping to manually trigger the Account Refresh AND/OR the “Fill Sheets” action from my application. Is this a good idea? Maybe not, but I want to try.

Googling around hasn’t turned up much. I hoped the Google Sheets API might have some way to interact with Extensions (to trigger the Fill Sheets action), but that does not seem to be the case.



I don’t think there is a public api. We have all asked for the ability to refresh programmatically and the answer is always no

Shame, I figured as much. There does seem to be an undocumented API, though I suspect it would be difficult to hack something together unless someone has already deciphered it.

I’ll see if there is a Feature Request already, and if not, I will look into creating one.

I would love to see an API. Even if it’s a something that’s invite-only and we’d need to submit a support request for to be enabled on our accounts.
I’m a new user to Tiller, which big hopes to have AUTOMATED financial info in Google Sheets. Tiller looked like the best option out there.

The auto-refresh feature built-in seems flaky and unreliable. I need to keep re-enabling it.
I have a lot of experience with integrating Google Sheets with APIs, so this idea excites me.